What does sport have to do with it?

I train every day No, I am not a professional athlete at all, but I am a professional singer, and being my body, understood in its entirety, including psyche, my work tool, it is my duty to keep it healthy, young, strong and pleasing to the eye. Would you play in concert with a broken, out of tune and dusty violin?

Change? You can!

It happens very often that someone comes to me to learn but apparently ... it is already "learned!" Many times the introductory phrase in the first lesson is: "My name is Gigio / a and I'm out of tune". Sometimes even worse: "I am unable to do anything, I do not learn anything and I have severe rhythmic problems, I am lazy, I [...]

How to find the right vocal coach

ALERT This topic is at the same time: delicate, strong, of common interest and burning! Lyrical or Modern? It would make sense to think that if you want to study Lyric Singing you will find an Lyric Singing teacher and if you want to study Modern Singing you will find a Modern Singing teacher. But what if the same person teaches both? Possible? Here I am […]


A specter wanders around the singing room ... the specter of your ego. No, it is not the new manifesto of vocal coaching, it is just the problem that every teacher has to face when it comes to carrying out an individual lesson.Each of us, as we know, has a thinking and analytical mind that continuously judges this [... ]

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